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​Mirco-Nano Shower
Zero clogged pores

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The truth about your skin care


Dry skin caused by makeup remover 


Itchy scalp and hair loss probably caused by shampoo products


Skin becomes drier after bathing, particularly in winter


Too busy for a spa

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Over 280 million micro -nano bubbles 

Ultrafine Bubble

Saviour for your skin problems



Each nano bubbles miniscule size of 0.001 mm penetrates deeply into tiny pores of our skin, helps to reduce burden on skin. The finest bubbles can bring away oil and dust in our pores, preventing the formation of pimples. Also, the bubbles can wash away the residue of make-up effectively.


What is the difference between general bubbles and micro-nano bubbles? 

The size of the general bubble is around 300㎛ (about 0.3mm), the size of the micro-bubble is around 1-100㎛ (about 0.001-0.1mm), and the micro-nano bubble of Kinnano is less than 1㎛ (about 0.001mm). Finest bubbles can penetrate into pores and cleansing deeply.

​How micro-nano bubbles hydrate our skin?

Your skin is fully hydrated after taking a bath with Kinnano shower. The micro-nano bubbles penetrate deep into each pore and keep your skin hydrated and elastic after bathing. Reducing the skin dryness problem in winter and protect the fragile skin of children and elderly. 

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Retaining body heat after bathing can promote your metabolism and strengthen immune system. Micro-nano bubbles penetrate deep into pores and help to lock the heat and keep your body warm after bathing.

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Release your oily scalp  

The finest nano-bubbles of Kinnano shower can penetrate deeply into the scalp, washing away oil and dander, thus avoid hair loss caused by clogged hair follicle.

It is difficult to completely wash away the silicone oil of shampoo. The residual silicone oil is like a film covering the scalp, which hinders the pores from breathing, so that the hair follicles and pores continue to secrete oil and clogs the pores, causing the pores to shrink, resulting in hair loss.

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Kinnano VS Other shower heads

>60% water saving 

Water saving and environmental friendly by using the three modes

Improve skin problem of pets

The micro-nano bubbles can directly rush into the pores of pets, removing the dirt hidden in the hair and skin, thus reduce the chance of bacterial growth and avoid skin problems caused by bacterial accumulation.


Gentle care for sensitive skin

High-pressure water-saving shower head, up to 0.4mm water holes. You can still enjoy the shower experience under low water pressure. 


Tackle sweat odors

The Kinnano micro-nano shower can thoroughly cleanse the dirt and bacteria that induce sweat odors.


Only weighs 200g, easy to grasp

Weighs only 200g and length 214mm. Unlike other shower heads with filter, Kinnano Micro-Nano Shower is easy to grasp. Children and the elderly can enjoy the joy of bath too.


Three Shower Modes

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Shower Cap​

High-pressure water-saving shower head, up to 200 tiny 0.4mm water holes. There are three kinds of shower effects.


​Micro Nano Component

After the tap water is filtered by the filter, it passes through the micro-nano component, the 1mm water droplets become 0.0001mm micro-nano bubbles. Micro-nano bubbles can easily enter pores for deep cleansing.



It can effectively isolate the impurities in tap water, and the filter element gradually turns to dark brown after months.


How's chlorine in water
affect our skin

Chlorine in tap water can damage hair and skin proteins

There is a thin layer formed by protein in the skin, which has the function of resisting mold and dust, but chlorine will acidify the protein, irritate the skin, and cause damage to the skin.

​Filter element for dichlorination and water purification

Kinnano shower filter is equipped with chlorine removal beads, which can effectively remove residual chlorine in tap water, reduce the damage caused by chlorine when bathing, thus protect the skin.

​*Note: The dichlorination effect will gradually subside with the use of the filter element

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Lobo, Hairstylist

The feeling is so awesome after using Kinnano micro-nano shower to wash my hair. The massage by high water pressure is great and my scalp is thoroughly cleansed by the micro-nano bubbles.

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Stephen, Makeup artist

To keep a good skin condition, deep cleansing is very important. After using makeup remover, Kinnano micro-nano bubble shower can penetrate into each pores and remove dirt effectively. Besides, the skin still keep moisture after bathing.


Snowball's master

It​'s easy for Snowball to have skin problems and this make me worried and nervous. Luckily, Snowball' skin problem improved after using Kinnano shower head. He seems to be very happy and active without skin problem. 

Micro-nano shower set
(including 3 filter elements)

Origin: Japan
Product introduction: Kinnano micro-nano shower set includes a shower head and three dechlorination filter replacements. The high-density shower head has three modes providing different enjoyment. The tap water is filtered by the dechlorination filter element, then passing through the high-efficiency micro-nano components, which turn the normal bubbles of about 300㎛ into micro-nano bubbles of less than 1㎛. These finest bubbles can penetrate into the pores. , carry out deep cleansing. Body warmth is retained after bathing, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism. 

HKD 1,299

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Kinnano unique gift wrapping for your special ONE

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