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​Micro-nano shower set
(including 3 filter elements)

HKD 1,299

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Origin: Japan
Product introduction: Kinnano micro-nano shower set includes a shower head and three dechlorination filter replacements. The high-density shower head has three modes providing different enjoyment. 
The tap water is filtered by the dechlorination filter element, then passing through the high-efficiency micro-nano components, which turn the normal bubbles of about 300㎛ into micro-nano bubbles of less than 1㎛. These finest bubbles can penetrate into the pores. , carry out deep cleansing. Body warmth is retained after bathing, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism. 

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Three water modes

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Filter before use


​After one month 

​After three months

For a typical family of four, it is recommended to replace the filter element every three to four months. The actual replacement frequency depends on the water quality of the building and water consumption. It is recommended to replace the filter element when it turns from white to dark brown.

Steps to change filter

All parts in packing box image_billingual.jpg
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